View of Harrachov from Certova hora

Harrachov and the western Krkonose Mountains are connected by the glassmaking tradition

The western Krkonose Mountains are linked by a glassmaking tradition unique in the world's cultural heritage. At the same time, it is an area of sporting experiences, rare nature, lookout towers and peaceful, remote mountain villages.  

Harrachov provides the background of a mountain town and provides all the necessary services including four-star accommodation for demanding clients and corporate groups. Rokytnice nad Jizerou is a few minutes drive from Harrachov over the hill and Korenov. Benecko is recommended for families with children. 

Cable cars make it easy to climb the western and central mountain ridges, with the most famous places within easy reach. The ski resorts of Harrachov and Rokytnice take care of sports and adrenaline activities, provide scooter and bike rentals. 


Harrachov Glasswork

Discover the crafts listed by UNESCO

The glassmaking craft is not just a remembered tradition in the western Krkonose Mountains, but it is still alive and every visitor can see it for themselves. Glass and glass ornaments are still made here using traditional methods, which are listed as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO for their uniqueness. 

The glassmaking tradition is so important in North Bohemia that it cannot be limited by regional borders or mountain ranges. The stories of individual producers are intertwined and mutually influencing or complementary. That is why the imaginary Crystal Valley was created, to connect the individuals as a whole, to promote their unique work and to open the doors of their studios and workshops to visitors. 

Crystal Valley

TOP Experiences

Take a look under the hands of glassmakers in the oldest continuously operating glassworks in Europe. Try your hand at making glass ornaments at Rautis in Poniklá. Take a ride on a unique railway line and in the trough of a bobsleigh track. Meet Count Jan Harrach and his legacy in the Krkonose Mountains. That is what the western Krkonose Mountains offer.