Areál U Čápa

U Capa Area


The U Capa area offers all kinds of activities for young and old, young and old, in summer and winter.  It can be found in Prichovice, on the border of the Jizera Mountains and the Krkonose Mountains. The building of today's guesthouse has its origins in a historic farmhouse from 1754. The original part, where the restaurant and part of the rooms are located today, was extended in 2010 with a new west wing. It offers all the comfort and relaxation possibilities.

Ski resort U Capa

is equipped with two two-anchor lifts and a children's lift on a separate slope and five slopes from 550 to 1000 m, most of them with artificial snow.

Muuseum of Cimrman's Time

The first official museum of the Czech genius and adventurer was opened in the summer of 2013 in the U Cápa complex. It houses a significant part of Jára Cimrman's estate, which has been kept in the depositories of the JC company and the theatre in Prague. A significant part of the collections was also newly acquired thanks to citizens from the Pojizeri region and the surrounding area, who donated many authentic relics of the genius' stay in the Liptov region.

According to the testimonies of witnesses, during his wanderings around Liptak, Cimrman thought of erecting "a tower not unlike the one in Paris". To commemorate the master's unlimited vision and undying fame, this lighthouse was erected in 2013.

Forest park on Slunecni

Natural area built in 2013 - a magical place with a view of St. Vitus Church, the lookout tower and distant hills. A place that visitors themselves improve by planting trees, a place for adults to relax and children to play on the original natural climbing frames and swings. The mysterious Prichovice snake weaves through it all. Discover its secrets!

Fairytale journey

A fairy-tale path leads to the forest park from the guesthouse, where familiar creatures transformed into wood and stone await you. Do you recognize them all? It's about a five-minute walk for an adult, but in practice you can spend a fun hour on it with the kids. The footpath that starts from under the Museum first takes you among grazing sheep and goats, and then over the edge of the forest straight into the fairy tale.


has been in operation since summer 2015. It can be found directly in the building of the Pension U Capa. They used the old cellars of this historic building and installed a complete technology here. The beer is tapped from the lager cellar, where it is aged, directly to the restaurant. The beer is brewed with respect, humility and love for the consumers, for the tradition and experience of our ancestors, for the brewing art and craft.

Food should be an experience

For a long time, the stylish restaurant U Capa served mainly guests of the guesthouse and passing tourists. However, it has undergone a major transformation, gained a new chef and with him began to fulfill an old dream of a new direction of local gastronomy. Gradually, the local menu has built a favourable reputation and has become a destination for gourmet tourism.

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