Bosorka Creative Workshop

Janské Lázně

Come and do some creative work! Suitable for children and adults, skilled as well as not very handy. This workshop will provide you with opportunities, advice and inspiration. But in the end it’s all up to you anyway …

The workshop is open to everyone who has not lost the will to think, play and use their creativity. No need to be afraid: in today’s world of impersonal perfection and serial production, you can try to make an item which may not be perfect but will be completely man-made, such as a cup, dish, earrings, mirror, T-short, mosaic, lamp, painting or sculpture, and you will know when, where and why it was created – and you will enjoy not only the item, but mainly making it.


Lázeňská 41
542 25 Janské Lázně
50.6295433N, 15.7887506E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

Go from Harrachov to Zacler or in the opposite direction, for a three-day trip or for a whole week. Enjoy the pure nature, the warmth of the mountain chalets and the sky full of stars.