From Spindleruv Mlyn via Strazne to Pec pod Snezkou

From Spindleruv Mlyn via Strazne to Pec pod Snezkou

Špindlerův Mlýn

The Main Krkonose Cycle Route (Krkonosska diagonala in Czech) is the longest cycle route in the Krkonose, covering 69 km from Harrachov to Zacler. What we recommend is the part from Spindleruv Mlyn to Pec pod Snezkou. You can reach Spindleruv Mlyn by bike or cyclo-bus.

You can take the chair lift from Spindleruv Mlyn to Plan (Predni Planina) hill and descend to the Bouda na Plani chalet and the U Krasne Plane intersection. Another option is to take your bike up the K1A track via Hromovka chalet to Krasna Plan.

From there you continue on the K1A Main Krkonose Cycle Route to your destination. First you descend to Strazne where the route turns left to ascend to Hribeci chalet. It continues to Zadni Rennerovky and Na Rozcesti chalet. You can get refreshments there and also enjoy a beautiful view of Mount Snezka and its environs. The route continues to Vyrovka chalet and Modry dul, where it turns off for Richtrovy chalet to descend to Pec pod Snezkou.

  • Length: 26 km
  • Estimated time: 4 hours
  • Attractions: White bridge in Špindlerův Mlýn, Ski areal Svatý Petr, shelter U Krásné Pláně, Riding club in Strážné, Natural Monument Lom Strážné, Hříběcí chalets, Educational trail Slezská stezka, Dvorská chalet, Chalupa na Rozcestí (chalet), Viewing Point by Výrovka chalet, Richtrovy chalets, Relaxpark in Pec pod Sněžkou


Špindlerův Mlýn
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From Spindleruv Mlyn via Strazne to Pec pod Snezkou

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