From Spindlerova Chalet to See the Animals

From Spindlerova Chalet to See the Animals

A pleasant trip which will be enjoyed by both children and adults. The bus will drive you to the Czech–Polish Friendship ridge path, which will take you down Professor Fanta’s path to the Krkonose Animals educational trail. Not only will you learn a lot of interesting things about the Krkonose’s typical inhabitants, but if you stay alert you will also meet them in person.

Spindleruv Mlyn, bus station – Spindlerova chalet – take the red-marked Czech–Polish Friendship Path – near Petrova chalet turn left onto the Krkonose Animals educational trail –  Moravska chalet – turn left onto the yellow-marked tourist path – Davidovy chalets – Pod pevnosti junction – U Divci lavky junction – cross the road and continue along the bank of the River Labe – Pod Divci strani, confluence – turn right onto the blue-marked path – lower station of the cable car line to Medvedin hill – in the centre, turn left across Bily bridge – turn right onto the green-marked path – Spindleruv Mlyn, bus station


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