Museum of Cimrman Time

Museum of Cimrman Time


The first official museum dedicated to this fictitious national character and adventurer was opened in 2013 in the U Capa complex. It houses a considerable part of the estate of Jara Cimrman, up until then kept in the repositories of the Jara Cimrman Society and Theatre in Prague. A major part of the collection was built up thanks to the citizens of the Pojizeri region and its surroundings.

A team of Cimrmanologists, led by the well-known screenwriter and actor Zdenek Sverak, prepared an as yet unseen exhibition documenting the times and work of the most famous citizen of the still unspecified village of Liptakov. The careful preparation with a sense for detail gave rise to a rich exhibition, boasting a great number of truly authentic memorabilia of the genius’s stay in Liptakov. Every item is provided with an explanatory note by renowned Cimrmanologists.

Besides the actual collection in the museum, visitors can also see an outdoor peasant exhibition. The exhibits well illustrate Cimrman’s successes as well as failures in educating the farming people of the Pojizeri region.


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