Na Slunecni Forest Park

Lesopark na Sluneční

Kořenov - Příchovice

Come and see the Na Slunecni forest park and go right into the world of fairytale and fantasy. On a fairytale trail winding through the forest park, you will meet well-known fairytale characters. However, they look a little different from what you can see in books or on TV. You will have to use your imagination to uncover them all. Some will be difficult even for parents, but the map at the trail start will help.

Right next to the forest park, you can also visit a museum dedicated to the times of Jara Cimrman, the greatest fictitious Czech character, and a lighthouse attributed to him.


50.7408019N, 15.3417889E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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