Krkonoše Labská bouda

Labska chalet

Real Krkonose Mountains

Labska chalet is a popular stop for tourists heading to the source of the Elbe. The hotel is located in the first zone of the Krkonose National Park at an altitude of 1340 m on the Labská meadow, less than a kilometer from the source of the Elbe. The modern building from 1975 bears the same name as the inn that burned down in 1965.

from 800 CZK person/night

80 beds
2–4 bedded rooms
1 night accommodation
Cards accepted
In a sleeping bag
Shared dormitory
Breakfast included
Dinner optional
Stay with dog


Thanks to its location and size, the hotel serves as an important landmark, especially in winter. It is located at the crossroads of several important hiking trails, which makes Labska bouda a natural stop when crossing the mountains and also an ideal starting point for trips to the Harrach Stones, Snezne jamy, Labsky and Pancavsky waterfall and other interesting places in the area.


Labska chalet offers comfortable double to quadruple rooms equipped with private bathroom and TV. These rooms are ideal for couples or families with children. In addition, there is also the possibility of staying overnight in your own sleeping bag on a bed with a mattress. For an extra charge, guests can use the sauna and whirlpool. An ATM is available in the lobby.

From history

The history of Labska chalet dates back to 1830, when an enterprising woman called die Blasse built a small booth where she offered goat cheese, milk and schnapps. Over the years, this primitive building has been extended and adapted to accommodate visitors. The hut underwent many alterations, the most important of which took place between 1878 and 1879 under the direction of Count Jan Harrach. In 1904, the first nature reserve in the Krkonose Mountains was established here.

A tragic moment in the history of the lodge was in 1913, when an international 50 km race was held here. The race, which started in beautiful weather, ended tragically when the weather turned into a violent blizzard. The only competitor who continued, Bohumil Hanč, died together with his friend Václav Vrbata, who tried to help him. Václav Vrbata was found frozen in the place of today's cairn on Vrbata's hill, Hanč's memorial is located near the Pancavsky waterfall, where Hanč was found and died on Labska chalet.


50.7700567N, 15.5453881E

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Opravdové Krkonoše

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