Krkonose cyclo-buses

Krkonose cyclo-buses

Operation for the season 2023 closed

Krkonose cyclo-buses are tourist bus lines which transport cyclists and hikers in the Krkonose and the Podkrkonosi region.

For 20 years this year!

Just plan your trip around your places of interest in the highest Czech mountains without worrying about the gradient!


Krkonose cyclo-bus

There are eight lines which run across the Krkonose from west to east


The buses operate from June to September each year. They run every Saturday and Sunday in June, every day in July and August, and on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in September except the line from Jilemnice to Zlate navrsi, which only runs on weekends. 

Electric bikes are only transported without the battery attached.

Line 1: Harrachov – Pomezni Boudy

The backbone line connecting the whole mountain range. It is the only bus line which will take you from one side of the Krkonose to the other. It runs via Korenov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Jilemnice, Vrchlabi, Janske Lazne, Svoboda nad Upou and Pec pod Snezkou.


Line 2: Martinice - Jilemnice – Horni Misecky

Beware of a printing error in the poster! The lines for cyclists at 10:15 and 14:40 from Jilemnice and at 11:00, 15:30 and 18:00 from Horni Misecky run only on weekends during September.

If you are coming to the Krkonose by train, you can take a bus directly from the train station in Martinice via Jilemnice to Zlate navrsi hill, from where you can continue to the peaks, for instance to Labska chalet and the sources of the River Labe. The bus is designed for hikers, cyclists as well as families with prams.

The morning bus at 9.05 from Martinice only takes hikers and goes to Zlate navrsi hill. All other buses can take up to 11 bikes.

Martinice - Horni Misecky

Jilemnice - Horni Misecky

Line 3: Spindlerova Bouda - Spindleruv Mlyn - Vrchlabi - Hradec Kralove

This line connects two important resorts in the central parts of the Krkonose – the towns of Vrchlabi and Spindleruv Mlyn, and offers the possibility to change to a regular bus line that runs to Spindlerova chalet, which lies on the Czech-Polish Friendship Trail on the ridges. Or to the Krkonose foothills and further down to the Kuks Baroque complex and to Hradec Kralove, the regional capital. From there, you can take the Labska cycle trail to go back.


Regular busline Spindleruv Mlyn - Spindlerova bouda

Line 4: Hradec Kralove - Pomezni Boudy

On Saturdays and Sundays you can take a direct morning bus from Hradec Kralove, the regional capital, to the eastern parts of the Krkonose. Before 10am you will be in Pec pod Snezkou or at Pomezni Boudy, and can spend the whole day on your bike. On weekdays the buses on this line start in Trutnov.

It is also just as easy to get to the Krkonose with your bike from Nachod, Upice and Rtyne v Podkrkonosi. You can ride across the Krkonose’s ridges or in the countryside below Mount Snezka, and in the afternoon you can take a cyclo-bus to get back.

Both buses have a capacity of up to 38 bikes.

Hradec Kralove - Mala Upa

Nachod - Mala Upa

Line: Harrachov - Rokytnice - Horni Misecky

The bus goes from Harrachov to Rokytnice nad Jizerou and via Frantiskov and Rezek to Vitkovice v Krkonosich, Horni Misecky, and after a short pause also to Zlate navrsi hill. It is a unique bus which you won’t find on an ordinary timetable and which helps to make interesting hikes in the western parts of the Krkonose possible.


Line 6: Jilemnice - Benecko - Vrchlabi

If you are attracted by the Zaly viewing tower but discouraged by the long ascent from Vrchlabi or Jilemnice, try the new cyclo-bus line. It will take you to Benecko, from where you can continue via the viewing tower to Rovinka junction, Misecky or Spindleruv Mlyn.

The bus has a capacity of up to 11 bikes.


Line 7: Horni Misecky - Zlate navrsi

Hikers only

Regular bus lines will take hikers to Vrbatova chalet on Zlate navrsi hill. From there, you can go in any direction to the Krkonose’s ridges.


Line 8: Vrchlabi - Strazne

Try the new line from Vrchlabi and let us take you to Strazne. Then you can continue on your bike to Spindleruv Mlyn, Vyrovka or Dolni Dvur. Beware - not all connections are equipped for transporting bicycles. Only the connections at 9:35 and 17:35 from Vrchlabi and at 10:02 and 18:02 from Strazne will take the bikes. The bus will take a maximum of 6 bikes.


Linka 9: Trutnov - Žacléř

Žacléřsko a Vraní hory jsou dost možná nejvýchodnější částí Krkonoš, ale nijak zapomenutou. Vaši pozornost si zaslouží především svým klidem, turistickou i cykloturistickou připraveností, množstvím příjemných terénních cyklotras a krásnými výhledy na Krkonoše. Nová linka jede z Trutnova přes Babí nebo Lampertice do Žacléře a vrací se zpět přes Bertnartice do Trutnova. Přepravuje max. 6 jízdních kol.

Jízdní řád

Cycling in Krkonose

Recommended Cycling Trips

We will help you plan your entire hike or descent. Take a look at the already prepared recommended trips or long descents. Many of them assume the use of a cyclo-bus or some of the summer-run chair lifts and cable cars.

Recommended Trips

Videos from Trails

Are you unsure which trail to take? Are you not so familiar with the Krkonose’s terrain, or just want to remember a fine trip? You can view videos which we have taken from a bike. There are fifteen videos on our YouTube channel.

Spindlerova bouda - Vrchlabi