Descent from Roudnice

Descent from Roudnice

Rezek - Jilemnice

A long descent through a picturesque part of the Krkonose, full of local architecture, is 12 km long and is unjustly neglected by tourists.

Rezek, a mountain village at an altitude of 890 m, can be reached by road from Jilemnice, Vítkovice or Rokytnice nad Jizerou. You can use the Krkonoše cycle bus, your own car, or you can get into your body and ride your bike under your own power.

From Rezek, take the KČT 22 cycling track to Jilemnice. Not far from Rezek, take a short climb to Kobyla hill, and on the way via Vurmovka hill down to Roudnice village you can enjoy views of Benecko and the Vitkovice valley. After that, there is a short ascent above Křižlicke Paseky, followed by a long descent to Hrabačov. However, before this you ride above Křižlice village and via the U Skálů junction down to Dolni Štěpanice, where you turn right onto road 286 to Hrabačov. After a short ascent, you are in Jilemnice.


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