Descent from Frantiskov

Descent from Frantiskov

Rokytnice nad Jizerou - Rokytnice nad Jizerou

A pleasant trip to the upper parts of the Krkonose, with much of good refreshments along your route and a bit of history from the times when our grandmothers were children.

Use the cable car line Horni domky A1 – Priblizovaci to take you up to the Lovcenka mountain chalet. Take the blue tourist path and climb to the Rucicky junction, where you turn right and follow the K1A cycle track, climbing 2.5 km for the Dvoracky chalet. Before you continue your trip, you can take refreshments at the chalet. From there, follow the K1A cycle track via Sedlo pod Dvorackami junction to Vidlice junction. Turn right for the K8A track which will take you along the contour line to Rezek settlement, where refreshments are offered. From Rezek take cycle track 22 for Rokytnice nad Jizerou. At Vrata junction, turn left, and at U svateho Jana junction, turn right for the yellow-marked hiking trail and descend to Frantiskov village, passing along the U Hasku restaurant. At the Stary kravin (Old Cow Shed) Museum in Frantiskov, continue along the yellow trail to the Na Vrsich viewing point. This section is also part of the Wood Sculpting educational trail, referring to a workshop held every year. From the Na Vrsich viewing point, descend to the Dolni (Lower) Square in Rokytnice nad Jizerou. This trip is suitable for more experienced bikers and MTB bikes.


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Krkonose cyclo-buses

Tourist lines connect the entire mountain range. Take a ride to the peaks, ride the ridge trails and take the long descent back down into the valley.

Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holiday with children in the Krkonose Mountains

We have chosen the best places for you, planned suitable routes, prepared stamp hunts and know where to hide in bad weather. You will fill your family time together with activities in unique nature, exploration, fun and fabulous adventures.

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