Cross the Krkonose Mountains

Cross the Krkonose Mountains

Pure nature, true experiences

Go from Harrachov to Zacler, or in the opposite direction, for a three-day trip or for a whole week. Get to know our highest mountains in all their diversity. You can follow the boundary stones right along the ridge or enjoy the atmosphere of the picturesque valleys with their gurgling streams and waterfalls.

You don't have to gobble up kilometres and portions of vertical metres. The Krkonose crossing directly encourages you to combine sections with distant views and parallel variants winding through the wooded slopes. It is here that you can discover places that will eventually stick in your memory forever.

Which way to cross the Krkonose Mountains

In each part of the mountains, we've picked out the attractions you shouldn't miss, especially the huts that allow you to experience sunrises and sunsets in the heart of the national park.

The picturesque town of Zacler is an ideal starting point as it has a lot to offer. However, it is not the only place to start your crossing of the Krkonose Mountains. The Stachelberg Fortress is equally attractive, or you can start straight from the more distant Trutnov.

The first distinctive peak is the Dvorsky Forest (1036 m), whose mysterious atmosphere is best enjoyed on foggy autumn days or after rain; the view from the Snow Houses is at its most beautiful in the morning during an inversion. You can admire the western side of the ridge from the viewpoint at Rýchorská bouda.

If you want to admire the beautiful Krkonose timbered houses, you can walk through Horni Alberice or you can descend from Rychorsky Cross to Dolni Alberice. Don't be in a hurry, the eastern Krkonose Mountains are extraordinary.

Where to stay or recharge: 

Enjoy the tranquillity of the Krkonose countryside on the forested Pomezni Ridge*. The option via Lysecinská Chalet and Mala Upa, on the other hand, offers more opportunities for refreshments and a deeper insight into the settlement of this part of the Krkonose Mountains. It is here that you can perfectly see how farming was done at altitudes of around 1000 metres.

From Horni Mala Upa, the most naturally interesting path follows the state border along the Lesni Ridge* or you can shorten this section by a more direct route straight to the Jelenka Chalet.

Where to stay or recharge: 

From the Jelenka Chalet you can follow the border footpaths or traverse the Obri Ridge below and ascend to the top of Snezka under the cable car.

Whatever your opinion of Sněezka is, it is the highest point in the Czech Republic and virtually impossible to miss when crossing the Krkonose Mountains. Even if this peak is not your main destination, it is important to keep a close eye on the weather forecast. In unfavourable conditions, such as storms, strong winds, or ice in winter, this section can be very dangerous or even impassable!

Allow plenty of time to get over the summit. It may also come in handy when admiring the extremely interesting Upske Peat Bog.

At Lucni Chalet you will probably face a dilemma which direction to continue: 

  • Lovers of distant views and rugged tundra can continue directly along the open plains of the Stribrny Ridge* in winter. In summer, you have to use the trail on the Polish side of the border. 
  • Equally attractive is the descent along the roaring rapids of the Bile Labe to U Bileho Labe Chalet and from there continue along the traverse to the Slezske sedlo. The Certova strouha Nature Trail is worth a detour. 
  • Alternatively, you can also climb to the Modre sedlo with the Memorial to the Mountain Victims, the lookout above Vyrovka and the Vyrovka Chalet itself. From there, it is possible to turn the route via Cerna Mountain to Janske Lazne and skip the western part of the Krkonose.

It's a shame to rush straight from the Snezne jamy to the state border. Treat yourself to a visit to the Labsky Waterfall, the atypical Labska Chalet and continue along the edge of the Labsky Mine to the Pancavsky Waterfall.

The Memorial of Hanc and Vrbata will make you think, and the view from the Harrachovy Stones or Kotelske sedlo will dispel your gloomy thoughts. If you manage to be here at sunset, you will be amazed.

When you stop at the source of the Labe river, you will once again have more options to continue west: 

  • You can return to the state border via Labska louka and reach Vosecka chalet via the Tvaroznik rock formation. It is worth considering crossing to the Polish side of the ridge to Hala Szrenica chalet and descending to Jakuszyce by train or even continuing to the Jizera bogs. 
  • If you are in a hurry, you can descend to the Mumlava River from the U Ctyr panu crossroads and walk directly to Harrachov along the asphalt road (in winter, by a quick ski descent). 
  • You will enjoy the view from the Kotelske sedlo and via Dvoracky and Rucicky you will reach Certova mountain, from where you will arrive in Harrachov by cable car or by a steep descent. 
  • Harrachov again has a lot to offer visitors, so there is no need to leave immediately. The main attractions include at least the massive Mumlava waterfall or the oldest continuously operating glassworks Novosad & Son.


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Opravdové Krkonoše
Opravdové Krkonoše

Vychutnejte si romantiku horských túr s noclehy na krkonošských boudách. Čeká vás ryzí příroda a skutečné zážitky.

Practical information

(*) Temporary closures of some roads

The administration of the Krkonose National Park, in connection with the declaration of eight resting areas and the related reservation of roads and routes in these areas, is temporarily closing some roads or their sections from 15 March to 31 May to protect against disturbance to sensitive animal species.

Current overview

Enjoy the romance of mountain hikes with accommodation in Krkonose chalets

In cooperation with the operators of selected lodges, we have prepared a network of accommodation that you can elegantly use when crossing the Krkonose Mountains or during a multi-day stay in the heart of the Krkonose National Park. 

Accommodation on the ridges

Where to find the individual chalets

Opravdové Krkonoše Přehled

Where to park and how to get back to your car

In the foothills of the Krkonose Mountains you can take advantage of a rich network of bus and train connections. The journey from one end of the mountains to the other takes about 3 hours. Therefore, it is optimal to choose one of the transfer hubs, such as Rokytnice n. Jizerou or Trutnov, as a starting point, from where you can easily get to the beginning of the route and return again easily.

TIP: If you have the option, travel between Jablonec nad Jizerou and Martinice by train. The romantic atmosphere of the Pojizersky Pacifik and the railway station in Martinice will surely delight every railway lover.

More about the Pojizersky Pacifik

Polish part of the national park

The national border is definitely not a wall and there are many places where you can cross into the Polish part of the national park. There is an entrance fee in Poland which can be paid online. The Czech-Polish Friendship Trail is exempt from the fee.

Also keep in mind that in the Polish part of the park, hiking is only allowed from dawn to dusk and dogs are only allowed in with a muzzle and leash.

Buy a ticket

Plan carefully and don't underestimate the weather

Even small children know that the Krkonose Mountains have always been ruled by Krakonos. Morning after morning he measures the valleys and hills to know where to send the rain and where to blow through the forests... 

One thing is for sure - the Krkonose Mountains are often underestimated mountains and mountain rescuers have unfortunately more dramatic stories with tragic endings than they would like. 

Please plan your hikes wisely and use weather apps not only before you go to the mountains. The bud staff will also be happy to advise you if you have any doubts about the weather or your planned route.

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Opravdové Krkonoše
Opravdové Krkonoše

Vychutnejte si romantiku horských túr s noclehy na krkonošských boudách. Čeká vás ryzí příroda a skutečné zážitky.