Bungee Jumping Harrachov

Bungee Jumping


Do you want to try bungee jumping yourself, or give it as a gift to someone else? Do you want a gift for two friends who are in love with each other? Do you want to try bungee jumping on a snowboard, bigfoots or try to somersault, all of which we will be glad to teach you? Then you are in the right place! You can try it so long as you weigh between 40 and 130 kg. But if your friends are above 130 kg, we can offer the Hacka bridge, 62 m high, near Chomutov, with a weight limit of 160 kg. Bungee jumping in Harrachov is an adrenaline adventure during which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the town.

The 36-m tall steel TV tower lies 145 m above the town. A special boom on the TV and referees’ tower is used, designed specially for this sport, which you can try during your holiday in Harrachov. You can jump forwards or backwards tied at your feet, tied at your chest, on a snowboard, bigfoots or doing a forwards and backwards somersault, an experience that goes with your personality. If you’re looking for an adrenaline adventure in the Krkonose which you will remember for the rest of your life, a bungee jump is the right thing for you. 


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