Bledule v Krkonoších


Unique from Outside,
Friendly Within...

Come and discover the Krkonose Mountains, their unique beauty and nature. Take a trip through a landscape of timbered houses and blooming mountain meadows, climb for the most breath-taking views. Come and learn about the Krkonose towns and villages, offering a wide range of activities and services. Enjoy a pro-active holiday in the highest Czech mountains.

Inspire yourself

Welcome one of the most beautiful times of the Krkonose year. Now is the perfect time to hike the colourful valleys and empty ridges. After all, the days are still long enough, the temperatures are pleasant, the huts are open and the cable cars are running.
Připravili jsme pro vás tipy na 4 báječně prožité dny ve 3 krkonošských údolích. Nemusíte si tak lámat hlavu s plánováním dovolené, stačí vybrat, které z aktivit jsou pro vás ty pravé!
Adding a unique gastronomic experience to your days of activities in the Krkonose is what makes the Krkonose Beer Trail so attractive. The trails winds along the Krkonose’s ridges, from one micro-brewery to another.
Fenomén horské turistiky je v Krkonoších neodmyslitelně spojen s tématem osídlování hor a horskými boudami zakládanými vysoko na lučních enklávách...

News from the Krkonose

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The Mountains of Many Czech Records

They are the highest, the most frequently visited, the only mountains with an alpine character and an incredibly diverse nature. You can see steep glacial corries as well as extensive mountain meadows, rocky ridges as well as picturesque little valleys lined with timbered houses. Listen to the roar of waterfalls and the mysterious silence of moors and small peat bog lakes. And then there is Mount Snezka, the majestic queen of the mountains, which oversees the whole of her demesne with dignity.