Krkonose Beer Trail

Enjoy the Krkonose Beer Trail with Your Friends

Enjoy a unique combination of active relaxation in the middle of the precious Krkonose nature and a luxurious gastronomic experience. Get away from the city, the hustle and bustle of work, the children and maybe even your partner. Just you, a group of friends, a backpack on your back, mountain paths under your feet and distant views before your eyes. And at the finish line, as the icing on the cake, one of the Krkonose beer specials in a dewy pint awaits. 

Conquer the only high-mountain beer trail in the whole Europe!

Enjoy a great meal in the mountain huts or a brewery tour accompanied by a brewer. Relaxing under the night sky or in the wellness area will only complete the experience.



With Friends To Krkonose Beer Trail

30 km - 5 microbreweries - 2 nights under the mountain sky

The Krkonose Beer Trail offers 2 route options, both of which are just over 30 km long, with a lot of elevation gain. You'll get your body in shape! We therefore recommend that you plan your hike for the weekend, start on Friday evening and enjoy it to the fullest, including overnight stays in mountain huts. Let you add relaxation under the mountain night sky to your active rest. We have prepared an inspiring programme for the long weekend. If you don't "schedule" three days in a row, it's also possible to spread the trail over several days from spring to autumn.  

Take the opportunity to stay at one of the breweries

Each of the participating breweries has its own story and approach, but they all have one thing in common - they brew with quality ingredients and heart. And it shows in the resulting beverage - which is why it's a good idea to have plenty of time to visit each one. Because you won't be stuck with just one. Plus, you'll have time to take advantage of a tour with the brewer and see the production process for yourself.  

Accommodation for 1 night is offered by the Trautenberk Brewery in Mala Upa or the Friesovy boudy Mountain Hotel above Strazne.

How to conquer the trail in a weekend

Participating breweries

Have a tailor-made experience

We'll be happy to book your accommodation, prepare great gastronomic experiences, arrange brewery tours and beer tastings. We can advise you on your itinerary or arrange a guide. 

If you don't want to worry about planning, contact us and let us take care of you or your clients.  

Contact person: 

Karel Polivka,

Beer Trail in your smartphone

The SmartGuide application will take you along the trail. It will provide you with access to offline maps and interesting information and stories. It can be downloaded free, and then look for Pivo v Krkonosich

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Krkonose Beer Trail