Úpský vodopád

Upsky Waterfall

Pec pod Sněžkou

Upsky waterfall is divided into the Horni (Upper) and Dolni (Lower) Upsky waterfall. Horni Upsky waterfall with its 129 m fall is the second highest in the country. It is in Upska rokle gorge, only 400 m from the sources of the River Upa, in the core zone of the Krkonossky National Park, therefore inaccessible for the public. It can be seen from the blue-marked hiking trail from Obri dul valley to the former Obri chalet, and also from the summit of Mount Snezka.

Dolni Upsky waterfall is situated approx. 1 km from the Horni Upsky waterfall at the lower end of Upska jama, also in the core zone of the Krkonossky National Park.


Pec pod Sněžkou
50.7359658N, 15.7168703E
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