Skiareál Černý Důl

Take Your Children to the Krkonose to Ski

If you have chosen the Krkonose for your children’s first ski ride, we are rather happy! We will help you to find the best ski resort so that the slopes are just right for them, the ski runs wide enough, the ski school ready to assist...

Simply – to help them fall in love with skiing on their first ride.

SkiMU Mala Upa

Family holidays in Mala Upa - a perfect harmony of services, pleasant environment and great activities even in bad weather. The ski schools will take care of you or your children of different ages. Ski equipment rentals where you will be attended by professionals. Two children's SKiMU Parks near the Pomezky and U Kostela ski areas. They are equipped with a children's ski lift, a modern FAVA mobile carpet and a variety of equipment to diversify children's skiing. 

SkiMU Mala Upa


On Knezicky vrch you will find two ski resorts - Kebrlak and Knezicky vrch. Both have a chairlift with a moving belt and the hill is just long enough to practice your first turns. Before they are polished, you can use either the carpet or the poma in the Kebrlak area.

For more experienced junior skiers, we can also recommend the Herlikovice - Bubakov ski resort.

Skiresort Vrchlabi


Not only skiing is offered by the air spa in the Krkonose Mountains. A total of 3 children's parks are ready for the smallest skiers. In the Family Arena, use one of the longest moving belts in Krkonose - it measures 100 metres! In addition, you can comfortably bobsled or sledge, try skiing down an adventure obstacle course, and of course snowtubing. Benecko is simply the ideal place for a winter family holiday. 

Benecko Ski Resort


Take a ride on the Presidential Express in the Aldrov Ski Resort. It is perfect for children skiers who can already ski down a nice hill. The slope is just long enough and wide enough, the lift is equipped with a moving belt. 

Aldrov Ski Resort


Paseky nad Jizerou

Even in Paseky you can enjoy a wonderful family skiing. The pleasant slopes and prices will delight you. You will be transported by 2 chairlifts, beginners and 2 ski belts. Have your children ever seen a moving nativity scene? They have one in the Memorial of the Lost Patriots Museum in Paseky, go there and take a look. 

Paseky Ski Resort

Vysoke nad Jizerou

The Sachty Ski Resort offers only blue and red slopes, so ideal difficulty for smaller skiers. 100% of the slopes are technically snow-covered, so you don't have to worry about snow here. 

Sachty Ski Resort


Klidné středisko ve středních Krkonoších nabízí mírné svahy a veškeré potřebné zázemí. Využít můžete 4 vleky i cvičný  svah s dětským vlekem v blízkosti modré sjezdovky. 

Chci s dětmi do Strážného

Skiresort Spindleruv Mlyn

The biggest resorts are ready for the smallest

Wide slopes, perfect service at the best level. For children, training slopes, for parents, kilometres of professionally groomed slopes. Don't be afraid to go to the big Krkonoše resorts. They offer facilities and comfort that you will appreciate twice as much with children.


Up to three kilometres of slopes in Janské Lázně and in their close proximity LIVE park Formánky. Equipped with movable carpets and teaching aids, the LIVE park provides the ideal backdrop for skiing lessons conducted by the official SkiResort Live school. The LIVE park also includes snowtubing tracks, animation programs and babysitting and ski equipment rental. 

The ideal family resort is the Černý Důl Ski Resort. Wide and gentle slopes, two chairlifts and the largest training site of the SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC. In the LIVE park Černý Důl with two mobile carpets and a children's lift teaches ski school, the area also includes a rental and babysitting. 

For families with small children and beginners, we recommend the smallest of the SkiResort's areas - Svoboda nad Úpou. The slopes converge to one place, so from the terrace of the FordBar you have an ideal overview of what progress your children are making in skiing. 


Spindleruv Mlyn Ski Resort

A holiday in Spindleruv Mlyn is a tradition. If it has grown on you, don't be afraid to come here with your children. Even beginners will find plenty of slopes to choose from. For families, we recommend the area at Horní Mísečky. A four-seater chairlift, three more lifts and a gentle and wide slope. Add to this the services of the time-tested Skol Max ski school and a great family holiday can begin. 

Skiresort Spindleruv Mlyn

Ski Resort Rokytnice nad Jizerou

In Rokytnice we recommend the Studenov Ski Resort. It is accessible from the town centre and popular with families with children thanks to its gentle and relatively wide slopes. There are two anchor lifts, a poma and a children's pole lift. The MAJOR ski school offers a children's chairlift in the children's park in the Horní Domky area. 

Skiresort Rokytnice

Harrachov Ski Resort

For families with children we recommend the Doplik lift at the bottom of the red slope by the Delta cable car. It is a gentle and wide section. For the smallest beginners there are several training terrains(link is external) with mobile carpets and other necessary equipment. 

Harrachov Ski Resort