Take Your Children to the Krkonose Not Only to Ski

If you have chosen the Krkonose for your children’s first ski ride, we are rather happy! We will help you to find the best ski resort so that the slopes are just right for them, the ski runs wide enough, the ski school ready to assist, simply – to help them fall in love with skiing on their first ride.

U Friesových bud

Recommended Ski Resorts

Mlade Buky

This ski resort offers quiet slopes without crowds, making it an ideal place for training young skiers. Children can also enjoy the ski park and Berta bobsleigh track which is open all-year.

Dolni Dvur

The Ski Family resort in Dolni Dvur is a friendly resort for families with children. The red and blue ski runs are on a mild slope, and the Kids’ Park is also ready for use. On your way to the slopes, or when you’ve finished skiing, you can stop by the Church of St. Joseph to listen to its unique chimes.


This quiet resort in the Krkonose’s central part offers mild slopes and all the necessary facilities. You can use four ski lifts, and a nursery slope with a children’s lift near the blue run.

Strazne Ski Resort


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The ski runs in the Krkonose rank among the best in the country. They are the longest, well-groomed, and the facilities provide modern equipment for all your comfort. Come and try your winter equipment in the Krkonose!
Lyžařský areál Černý Důl


On Knezicky hill you will find two ski resorts, namely Kebrlak and Knezicky vrch. They both offer a chair lift with a belt conveyor, and the slope is just long enough to train the first turns. Before they are mastered, you can use either the nursery carpet or the poma lift in the Kebrlak resort.

If you have a day off from the tracks, or when the weather is bad, you can take your children to the Krkonose Museum in Vrchlabi.

Vitkovice v Krkonosich

Take a ride down the Presidential Express run in the Aldrov ski resort. It is perfect for young skiers who are able to get down a good hill. The run is just the right length and wide enough, and the lift is also equipped with a belt conveyor.

Paseky nad Jizerou

In Paseky you can also enjoy good family skiing, with pleasant downhill tracks and prices. You can use two chair lifts, and beginners can use two belt conveyors. Have your children ever seen a mechanical nativity scene? One can be found in the Memorial to Lost Patriots in Paseky, and it is worth seeing.

Vysoke nad Jizerou

The Sachty ski resort offers only blue and red ski runs, which is an ideal difficulty level for younger skiers. Artificial snow is used in the whole resort.

Na běžky s dětmi do Krkonoš

Cross - country Skiing

There are 600 km of groomed cross-country tracks in the Krkonose. You can plan a cross-country trip or use competition circuits. You can start in the foothills or at upper cable car stations. The main Krkonose ski trail spans the whole length of the mountains, from Zacler to Harrachov.

Recommended Cross-country Trips

Tips for Trip
Běžecký lyžařský areál Vrchlabí
Předejte lásku k bílým stopám i vašim dětem. Ani s nimi se do Krkonoš nebojte! I mezi krkonošskými stopami jsou trasy, které hravě zvládne každý malý běžkař. Budeme pyšní, pokud se poprvé sklouzne právě u nás.


Non-ski zážitky s dětmi

Non-ski Experiences with Children

We can give advice on what you can do with your children during your winter holiday in the Krkonose. Do you want to have a day-off from skiing? Try sledges, or take a short winter walk! And if the weather isn’t good for outdoor fun? Just dive into museums, swimming pools or aqua parks.

Sáňkařská dráha Černá hora


There are excellent bobsleigh tracks in Spindleruv Mlyn and in Janske Lazne. Children will certainly enjoy the rides, which are several kilometres long. You can take your older children on special night rides. The track in Spindleruv Mlyn is equipped with lights, but on the Cernohorska track you will have to use head torches and a guide.
When Krakonos, the master of the mountains, is generous enough to give plenty of snow, you can use sledges and bobsleighs on almost every hill. Look at our tips on where you can go, if you can’t use a meadow right next to your hotel.

Sledging in Krkonose

Snowtubing Park Bedřichov


Riding on an inflatable tyre on a snow-covered track is popular entertainment for children as well as adults. You can try it out, for instance, in the Formanky Snowtubing Live Park in Janske Lazne or Bedrichov Snowtubing Park in Spindleruv Mlyn. There are more opportunities, see Snowtubing here.

Snowtubing in Krkonose

Bobová dráha Špindlerův Mlýn

Bobsleigh Tracks

The tracks here are open all-year round, try them out in winter, too, and enjoy the views of the snow-covered landscape before you go straight downhill. Try the oldest one, the technically unique track in Spindleruv Mlyn. Or the longest one – the Berta bobsleigh track in Mlade Buky.

Bobsleigh Tracks

Mumlavský vodopád

Getting Around on Foot Is Also Possible in Winter

Glittering drifts which go up to one’s waist, the snow crunching under your feet, this is what the Krkonose is like in winter. Take your children for a short winter walk. If you add some snowball fights or throwing snow and ice into the River Labe, they will certainly be enthused and you will forget all your worries.
Ideal walk can be  around the Bile Labe river in Spindleruv Mlyn, while in Harrachov you can walk along the Mumlava river to the waterfalls and to the Krakonosova snidane junction. In Benecko, take a walk to the Zaly viewing tower and ride a sledge on your way back.

Aquapark Špindlerův Mlýn

Swimming Pools and Aqua Parks

Besides the many indoor pools, whether public or at hotels, which in many cases can also be accessed, we recommend two aqua parks in Spindleruv Mlyn. The Spindl Aquapark is opposite the Medvedin chairlift station and offers three water slides, including one for inflatable boats, a wild river and a whirlpool. You can fully relax in the saunas, during a massage or in the salt cave. The Bedrichov Wellness Centre will provide entertainment for your children in the water paradise, while parents can rest and enjoy the care of the wellness zone.


Museums and Excursions

There is a lot to enjoy indoors in the Krkonose, too. Just discover some of the Krkonose’s museums, get your children acquainted with the special nature, history and culture. We also recommend some interesting interactive excursions which will draw the children right into what’s going on. They can try out making Christmas tree decorations at the Rautis company in Ponikla, or see how glass can be blown at the Sklarna Novosad glass factory in Harrachov.
To see all indoor activities, go to When the Weather Is Bad.

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Adding a unique gastronomic experience to your days of activities in the Krkonose is what makes the Krkonose Beer Trail so attractive. The trails winds along the Krkonose’s ridges, from one micro-brewery to another.
Poznejte Krkonoše ze sedla kola
Nebojte se vyrazit na kolo do nejvyšších hor. Více než 900 km cyklotras na vás provede přírodou, kterou jinde neuvidíte. V tomto článku najdete vše, co potřebujete o cyklistice v Krkonoších vědět.
The ski runs in the Krkonose rank among the best in the country. They are the longest, well-groomed, and the facilities provide modern equipment for all your comfort. Come and try your winter equipment in the Krkonose!