Dílnička pro šikovné ruce

Skilful Hands Workshop


The skilful hands workshop is a place where you can easily find activities for yourself as well as your cute children. There are many items which you can try to make in the workshop, most of them being made of wood (magnet holders, car and aeroplane models, small cash boxes, key chains, puzzles). A bead workshop is also available, where you can work with glass beads from the Jablonec region. You can try embroidery following nice ready-to-use patterns. Another popular activity is painting on cups, T-shirts or bags, and many more.

The workshop is open to anyone and can be booked for any day for at least 6 people. When bigger groups are interested, the workshop can move to their place.


Benecko 190
514 01 Benecko
50.6669425N, 15.5492450E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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