Postovna Anezka Snezka

Postovna Anezka Snezka

Pec pod Sněžkou

The tradition of Postovna, or the Post Office, on Snezka originated on 1 September 1899 when the first building was opened on the highest Czech mountain and remained in operation until the occupation of the Sudetenland by Germany in 1938. The building was used as a store after World War Two.

The tradition of a post office on the summit of Snezka was only renewed by Jaroslava Skrbkova, a former postmistress from Velka Upa, who repaired a former refreshments kiosk and later invested in the new Postovna building. It was built after a design by architects Martin Rajnis and Patrik Hoffman.

It is operated with the postcode 542 91 Ceska postovna. It is designed as a kit consisting of 20 thousand parts, and touches the ground via only twelve steel supports and looks like it’s flowing above ground. The outer face is double-glazed with wooden window shutters which can be adjusted so that the building can change its appearance from a wooden chalet to a modern glazed building in response to the weather. It has an outer spiral staircase leading to a viewing point.

The original Ceska bouda chalet stood on the same site, but was closed in 1990 and damaged beyond repair due to Merulius fungi. The cellars, now used by the new Postovna building, have been preserved from the old building, which was dismantled in 2004 and whose parts were moved down from the mountain top by cable car and helicopter. The Ceska postovna building was consecrated by Archbishop Karel Otcenasek on 10 August 2007 and inaugurated by former President Vaclav Klaus.


542 21 Pec pod Sněžkou
50.7359283N, 15.7401856E
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The Real Krkonose

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