Jestřabí v Krkonoších

The village of Jestrabi v Krkonosich is divided into three parts, namely Krizlice, Roudnice v Krkonosich and Jestrabi v Krkonosich. The first written records of the village date back to 1492.

Some of the timbered houses in the village which have been preserved represent the local rural architecture, the so-called Jilemnice type, for instance house No. 1 with its clinker bricks. Two churches can be seen in Krizlice - the Catholic church of St. John the Baptist, dating back to 1814, and the church of the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren, dating back to 1785. Mikulasek’s watermill, a national monument, can also be seen in Krizlice.

Jan Kadavy (1810-1883), a teacher, writer and journalist, was born in Jestrabi v Krkonosich and his memorial plaque can be seen in the village. Renowned painter Cyril Kutlik (1869-1900) was also born in Krizlice. The village of Jestrabi v Krkonosich lies approximately 8 km northwest of Jilemnice. In 1960, Jestrabi and Roudnice villages merged into what today makes up this picturesque village. Krizlice joined the two villages in 1970.

Its location and quiet and pleasant environment make the village much sought-after by tourists from the Czech Republic and abroad. It offers magnificent long-distance views of the surrounding countryside. In winter, the “Na Strance” ski lift can be used to take skiers to a downhill track which is suitable especially for families with children. In summer, tourists can enjoy a hiking trail called “From the River Jizera to the Mountains” which will take them to Ponikla and down the Jizera river valley to Jablonec nad Jizerou. An airfield near Jestrabi v Krkonosich is also available.


Roudnice 42
514 01 Jestřabí v Krkonoších
50.6764450N, 15.5081836E
18. 6. 2024
20.2 °C
4 m/s