Hanc and Vrbata Monument

From Horni Misecky to the Hanc and Vrbata Monument

In Winter on Foot

This trip starts at the car park in Horni Misecky. From there, you can climb to Zlate navrsi hill along the red-marked road called Masarykova. On your way there, you will enjoy magnificent views of the snow-clad Krkonose landscape.

You can take refreshments and warm up at Vrbatova chalet, and then climb up to the Hanc and Vrbata Monument to pay tribute to the victims in one of the Krkonose’s most moving stories, a story of friendship, strong will and courage, which were defeated by the cold weather and frost.

You can also enjoy panoramic views from the Monument, namely of Labsky Dul valley, Snezne jamy corries and Mount Snezka.

Route: Horni Misecky – ‘Nad Jilemnickou boudou’ junction – Vrbatova chalet – Hanc and Vrbata Monument, and back

  • Trip length: 10 km
  • Refreshment: Jilemnicka chalet - Vrbatova chalet
  • Parking: Parking Horni Misecky


Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains
Holidays with children in the Krkonose Mountains

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