Horni Mala Upa

From Horni Mala Upa to the Church of St. Peter and Paul

This pleasant walk through a picturesque mountain village will take you to the places from Marie Kubatova’s fairy-tales. Down the Eliscino valley, you will come to the church and enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

The Trautenberk brewery, Horni Mala Upa – Pomezni Boudy – turn left onto the yellow-marked tourist path – turn right for the K24 cycle track (the Fairy-tale Trail) – Eliscino valley – turn left along the Fairy-tale Trail – Mala Upa, the church – turn left for the red-marked tourist path – cross the street and turn right to follow the red-market path – Mala Upa, Pomezni Boudy – turn left for the Trautenberk brewery



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