Mohyla Hanče a Vrbaty

In the Footsteps of Hanc and Vrbata

On cross-country skis in the tracks of legendary competitors

Pay tribute to the story of friendship, unselfishness, strong will and the power of the spirit. This happened more than 100 years ago in the white cover of mountains in winter, but it still resounds today.

Follow the footsteps of Bohumil Hanc and Vaclav Vrbata, two friends who were set apart by death. In 1913, Hanc took part in a 50-km international cross-country competition. It was warm and the runners started in light clothing, wearing shirts and trousers. During the competition, however, the weather turned so bad that it became hazardous to life, and the competition was cancelled. Unfortunately Bohumil Hanc was unable to reach safety in time.

His friend Vaclav Vrbata went to help him, and they met somewhere near the Harrachovy kameny rock formation. Vrbata lent his friend a coat to protect him from the blizzard and went back to ask for help. But that cost him his life. Hanc was then found halfway along the road between Vrbatova chalet and Labska chalet by another friend Emerich Rath who took him to Labska chalet, but Hanc died there shortly.

Medvedin hill – Zlate navrsi hill – Hanc and Vrbata Monument – Hanc Memorial Stone – Ambrozova viewing point – Labska chalet – Vosecka chalet – Violik hill – Snezne jamy – Martinova chalet – Spindleruv Mlyn

  • Track length: 24 km
  • Difficulty: High
  • Refreshments: Vrbatova chalet, Labska chalet, Martinova chalet
  • Parking: P3 Medvedin car park


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