Krkonose with Children

Krkonose with Children

Don’t be afraid to hit the peaks of the Krkonose with your children! Even though the mountains are the highest here, this does not mean you have to only climb uphill. Cable cars and cyclobuses will help.

And because we know that planning trips for your children can be demanding, we have prepared a brochure for you entitled Krkonose with Children, which offers 15 tips for younger and older visitors. It also provides advice about transport, parking and refreshments during the trip, so that preparation takes as little time as possible.

You will be able to manage some trips with prams, as they often run along reinforced surface. But even if so, always take a sportier pram model, as you are in mountain terrain. We have also added some tips on where to go in bad weather and fun places where the whole family will certainly be entertained.


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