Kovaruv Mill


A small protected area, only 0.3 hectares in size, lies near the former Kovaruv Mill, an old slate quarry, on the left-hand bank of the River Oleska some 400 m from the church in Kostalov.

It includes rock outcrops and tors on a hillside beyond the mill which are some 2 m high and consist of settled rocks of the Lower Permian era, especially green-grey siltstones, arcoses and bituminous claystones. It is an important regional paleontological and stratigraphic site where several species of amphibians, sharks and Acanthodii vertebrates have been identified. The dark-grey to black siltstones and calcareous claystones in thin layers or ribbon structure contain remains of plants and animals.

The site has a special conservation status.


50.5734694N, 15.3957594E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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