Informační centrum Janské Lázně

Information Centre in Janske Lazne

This information centre is located at the lower station of the cable car to Cerna hora. Besides the usual tourist and information services, the centre also intermediates accommodation in hotels, guest houses, vacation apartments, chalets and cottages, with some 100 facilities available all year round in interesting tourist places in Janske Lazne, Svoboda nad Upou, Horni Marsov, Mlade Buky and Cerny Dul. It also organises ski courses, outdoor school stays, company events and trainings. It operates a ski hire shop, ski school, exchange office, sale of bus tickets, betting and lottery tickets, and intermediates services from Czech travel agencies and last minute stays in Janske Lazne.


Černohorská 265
542 25 Janské Lázně
50.6314544N, 15.7705811E