Mine in Cerny Dul

Freight Cable Car from Cerny Dul to Kuncice nad Labem

Černý Důl

The longest cable car in Central Europe, more than 8 km long, cuts through the landscape between Cerny Dul and Kuncice nad Labem, and is used to transport quarried limestone. This unique facility, the last of its kind in the Czech Republic, can be seen, for instance, when driving from Vrchlabi to Trutnov. Its capacity is up to 800 tons of limestone per shift. The limestone quarried in Cerny Dul is processed in the plant in Kuncice nad Labem into milled lime for desulphuring power stations and lime sand for dry coatings and mortar mixtures.

The cable car line is 8.35 km long and was built in 1959-1963, with 49 support pylons and 250 trolleys on the main cable. The tallest support pylon is 42 m in height. For easier maintenance and replacement of main cables, the line is divided into 8 parts. It takes approx. 45 minutes for a trolley to travel between the two stations.


543 44 Černý Důl
50.6332256N, 15.7085306E
The Real Krkonose
The Real Krkonose

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