Pec pod Snezkou – Snezka

Pec pod Snezkou – Snezka

Pec pod Snezkou – follow the blue-marked tourist trail to Obri dul valley – through the pass below the former Obri chalet2 (a steep and often icy passage) – follow the red-market tourist trail via the Mount Snezka summit (a steep and often icy passage) – down the yellow-marked tourist trail to the upper cable car station at Ruzova hora mountain (often wind-blown and icy terrain) – through a forest clearing under the cable car (a steep and often icy passage), watch out – two parallel steel ropes lie along the entire passage – to the lower cable car station – when riding downhill: on the yellow-marked tourist trail and onto the blue-marked tourist trail and to Pec pod Snezkou, or through the meadows around Vetrnik and Karluv vrch and follow then the unmarked trail to Velka Upa.

Another safe alternative is from Ruzohorky chalet – follow the green-marked and yellow-marked tourist trail – ‘Bobolift’ upper station – ride down the course to Velka Upa.

When ascending: The green-marked tourist trail from Pec pod Snezkou through Bukove valley can be used. However, it is not recommended as a descent as it is a steep and often very icy passage.

Length: 12,6 km


Explanations of Symbols

  1. Hard-to-orientate terrain
  2. Avalanche risk terrain
  3. Hard-to-orientate and avalanche risk terrain
  4. Other warnings; steep gradient

Under certain climatic conditions, life threatening circumstances and/or hard-to-orientate parts may occur on this route. Entry solely at your own risk! Contact the Mountain Rescue Service for the latest information.


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