CHALLUPA  Horní Maršov


Horní Maršov

If you are looking for a place in the mountains that offers relaxation but also has plenty of sporting activities around the corner, be sure to come to CHALLUPU.

You will find it in Temny Dul, in the green valley of the Upa river, which rises just a few kilometres further upstream. The Upa River literally flows under its doorstep, and its sound gives the place a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Winter - snow, skiing, skibus...

In winter, Challupa is a paradise for all lovers of ski slopes, cross-country skiing tracks, snowball fights and snowman building (which is possible right in the garden). A ski bus will take you to the slopes, stopping right next to the CHALLUPA.

Summer - sunshine, bikes, KRNAP

In summer, you can enjoy plenty of mountain sunshine while mountain biking and hiking on the peaks of the highest Czech mountains, dominated by Snezka, towering a few kilometres away.

In the summer, you can be transported around the well-known Krkonoše centres by the TourBus or the Krkonose cycle bus, both of which stop next to CHALLUPY.


The owners of the building have worked hard to make the most of the originally semi-dilapidated cottage, cleaning and restoring everything properly. They then added a bit of modern style and modern conveniences for your convenience.

This combination makes one beautiful, complementary whole. Judge for yourself!

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Temný Důl 54
542 26 Horní Maršov
50.6644364N, 15.8053883E