Promotional Materials on the Krkonose

Printed promo materials are always popular and will find their place in every tourist’s backpack. They will give you advice on where to go by bike or on foot and which ski resort to choose. You can take your children to the mountains in the footsteps of Krakonos, and learn who this master of the mountains actually is. You can take the Krkonose cyclobus or the Jizera Pacific train. Come and discover the unknown Krkonose with us!

A new brochure for bikers with 16 tips for bike trips on the Czech as well as Polish side of the Krkonose and the foothills.
Don’t be afraid to hit the peaks of the Krkonose with your children! Even though the mountains are the highest here, this does not mean you have to only climb uphill.
Come and learn about the Krkonose in a slightly different way! The highest Czech mountains are more than just Mount Snezka and the sources of the River Labe. The brochure entitled The Unknown Krkonose offers 15 trips through beautiful, interesting as well as less well-known and less exposed sites.
This is the slogan for the new tear-off maps on which you will find the Main Krkonose Ski Trail and also tourist and competition ski tracks, Alpine ski trails and bobsleigh tracks.
Krkonose panoramas are renowned. Places where you can enjoy views of the mountains and valleys are recommended in a new brochure entitled Krkonose Views.
Kdo je ale vlastně Krakonoš? Kde se v Krkonoších vzal? Jaký ve skutečnosti je? Kde ho můžete potkat? Na tyto a další otázky vám odpoví brožura o "jeho veličenstvu" Krakonošovi.
The Krkonose - the highest Czech mountains, offer a variety of summer sports.
The Krkonose Mountains offer 400 km of cycle tracks within the area of the National Park, and a further 300 km of tracks in the foothills.
You can never be sure what weather you will encounter in the highest Czech mountains. Short spells of rain can be quickly replaced by blue skies and sunshine, or it may turn grey for a whole long rainy day.
We have prepared a variety of what we believe are the best hiking destinations in the Krkonose and its foothills which you can arrange on your own so that you see and experience the most of it.
Swimming pools, Rope and Amusement Parks, Children’s Playgrounds and Children’s Educational Trails.
It will always be a mystery who fi rst brewed beer. In any case, the recipe was known more than 5 thousand years ago – this is how old the fi rst written and illustrated documents on the preparation and drinking of beer are.
In the Krkonose region, too, spas are among the most important industries for Czech and Polish tourism. Clients often choose curative stays instead of traditional holidays, and there is an increasing number of those who come to stay in spas just to improve their health and physical fitness.
Winter in the Krkonose for Everyone is a map with the range of ski trails, winter resorts and other winter sports and activities you can find in the Krkonose.
The wide range of tracks is offered to those who want to ride tens of kilometres including many beautiful places in the submontane region. The project entitled 'The Krkonose as seen from a bike' is designed to guide them to these places.
Folding map with a complete display of Giant Mountain ski resorts, detailed description of each ski area and contacts.
The publication you are reading was put together in order to present and remind you some of less known places in the Krkonoše which have joined the Krkonoše Union of Towns and Boroughs.
The Krkonoše´s terrain has quickly become popular with cyclists and cycling tourists.