Autumn holidays with children

3 autumn days with kids in the Krkonose Mountains

Are you planning to spend a long autumn weekend with your children in the Krkonose Mountains? We will advise you how to fill 3 days with great family experiences, exploration and relaxation. Maybe you haven't heard of some of the places. Even more worth discovering.


Lesopark Příchovice

Day 1

Awaken your imagination in the Forest Park

Korenov - Prichovice, Areál U Čápa

Prichovice is a part of Korenov, situated on the border of the Krkonose Mountains and the Jizera Mountains. In one day you can visit two viewing towers and enjoy the view to both mountain ranges. Stone viewing tower Stepanka stands on the Hvězda hill. The second viesing tower is a modern wooden structure reminiscent of a lighthouse that stands on the coast and guides ships in the right direction to the harbour. It will take you to Lesopark na Slunecni straight into a fairy tale and a world of fantasy.

You will meet well-known fairytale characters on the fairytale path that winds through the Lesopark. But they look a little different than the ones you see in books or on TV. You will have to use your imagination to discover them all. Some of them will make children and parents sweat (luckily, the map at the beginning of the route will give you a hint).

In the Jara Cimrman´s Lighthouse buy not only an entrance ticket to the viewing tower, but also a wooden ball. There are two long tracks in the Lesopark. 

At the end of Lesopark, a beautiful playground in the shade of the trees awaits everyone as a reward. There are plenty of rides and climbing frames for children, benches and a book booth for parents.

In the U Čápa area you can have fun for the whole afternoon or even the whole day. You can enjoy a good meal here, you can taste their own beer Světoběžník. Parents will have fun in the Jára Cimrman´s Museum, children on the playground in front of the restaurant. 

Take a look under the glassmakers' hands


If you want to do more in one day, drive from Kořenov to Harrachov. The local Novosad&Syn Glassworks has been in continuous operation for more than 300 years. During the tour, you will look directly into the glassworks and see how a small glass drop can be turned into great works of art. Production is in many ways the same as it was in the past, and you will have the opportunity to literally look under the hands of the masters of their craft. 

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Patrol on Duty

Day 2

Beat the Patrol on Duty

Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Hlidka na Strazi Forest Park with Viewing Points (Patrol on Duty) is a set of original lookout points made of wood and steel on the top of the Straz mountain above Rokytnice nad Jizerou. Each one has its own story and symbolism as well as an original form. To climb them all is a bit of an adventure, a bit of an adrenaline rush, but mainly an experience!

The viewpoints are symbolized by the characters from the emblem of the town of Rokytnice nad Jizerou. You have the opportunity to climb the Sheep, the Fox, the Bear and the Miner. You will climb high up some of them, but you can climb all of them with caution even with children. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Rokytnice valley, the panorama of Lysá hora and Kotlo, Vysoké and Paski nad Jizerou. 

The viewpoints are part of the forest park and you will find places to rest and have a snack. If you park on the Rokytnice square in front of the town hall, take the yellow line, the path to the top of Stráž is only 2 km long. 

Discover the story of the Krkonose pearl


After light hiking and great fun at the viewpoints, stop in Poniklá. The local company Rautis has been writing the story of the Krkonose pearl for many years, get to know it. Take advantage of the opportunity to go on a production excursion with your children and see how the pearl ornaments are made step by step. At the beginning is a glass rod, at the end glittering Christmas decorations of all shapes.  In addition to seeing how the pearls are blown, silvered, dyed, decorated and cut, you can assemble your own ornament.

Herní krajina Pecka

Day 3

Enter on your own adventure the Pecka playing landscape

Velka Upa

A great family adventure opens up before you as soon as you step off the cable car at Portasky. You'll feel like you're in a fairy tale, when you climb into the antlers of a deer. And it'll be quite a height! Children can run through a stork's nest, measure their strength with giant ants, crawl through a snake's body, or stick their head in a lynx's mouth. They'll be entertained until they lose the wooden ball (available for purchase at SkiResort Live). 

On the Pecka playing landscape, you'll simply have fun, the kids will have a blast, test their climbing skills and you'll all learn something about Krkonose animals together. Right at the top station of the cable car is the Portasky Mountain Chalet, where you can stop for delicious blueberry dumplings and many other.

To the Perimonians and the Trutnov dragon

Svoboda nad Úpou 

Enter the Krakonos estate, the kingdom of the Krkonose animals, gurgling streams, but also among dancing fairies, permoniks and other fairy-tale creatures. The fairytale exhibition is an ideal stop on the way back from a trip. Lots of original characters will lead you and your children to the underground, where the mythical dragon of Trutnov is hidden. But don't worry, Krakonoš will be watching over you the whole time. The exhibition is enriched with interactive wooden game elements that will entertain and educate you about mountain nature.  

Další články

If you have chosen the Krkonose for your children’s first ski ride, we are rather happy! We will help you to find the best ski resort so that the slopes are just right for them, the ski runs wide enough, the ski school ready to assist, simply – to help them fall in love with skiing on their first ride.
The winter fairy tale of the Krkonose Mountains is not written only for skiers and cross-country skiers. You can enjoy the snow in many ways.
Western Krkonose Mountains - it is mainly Harrachov and Rokytnice. But also a number of other resorts, smaller in size, but exceptional for their excellent skiing conditions and quiet atmosphere. Which ones will you choose?