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Studnicni hora Mountain

Studnicni hora Mountain
Studniční hora
Svatopetrská 173, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: +420 499 523 656
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Studnicni hora lies 7 km east of Spindleruv Mlyn and its summit at 1554 m a.s.l. makes it the third highest mountain in the Czech Republic. It used to be called Kamenita Plan (‘Stony Plain’), a very fitting name, given the appearance of the mountain summit with its larger and smaller areas of stone and dwarf pine. The corries of Velka and Mala Studnicni jama can be seen on the eastern mountain side. It is an area with important botanical and geological sites, namely Certuv hrebinek, Certova rokle and Certova zahradka. The snow layer in winters may be up to 14 m thick, and on the southern side the snow stays until the beginning of summer at a spot apparently resembling the contours of the Czechoslovak Republic, hence the local name “Map of the Republic”. The source of the River Bile Labe is also located below Studnicni hora. The mountain summit lies in Zone I of the Krkonossky National Park and is therefore inaccessible.