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Kovarna Mine

Kovarna Mine
Důl Důl2 Důl Kovárna - prohlídka Důl Kovárna
Pec pod Sněžkou 196, 542 21 Pec pod Snezkou
Phone: +420 499 736 130
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In the Kovarna mine, the view of Snezka, the highest Czech mountain, can become very unusual. You can see the hidden spaces under the mountain which have always attracted miners and precious stone hunters. However, the uncovering was too slow and laborious and was paid for by hard work, suffering and human lives. The wild character of the Obri dul valley at that time gave inspiration to the legend of Krakonos as the mountain spirit whose hidden treasures can be seen inside the mountain. After mining iron, arsenic and copper, surprisingly large spaces have been left inside Snezka. The Kovarna mine is open to the public provided that you take stout shoes and are over 10 years of age. Warm clothing is recommended; the temperature there is around 7 °C with 100% relative humidity. If you decide to visit the mine, don´t forget to book the excursion in advance. Use phone number +420 499 736 130. More information available on

Opening hours:
Provozní doba pouze v letní sezóně od 2. 7. do 30. 8. pouze od Čt - Ne