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Bell in Church of St. George

Bell in Church of St. George
Zvon v kostele sv. Jiří
, 543 62 Dolní Branná
Phone: (00420) 731 598 996
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The second oldest bell in the entire diocese can be seen in the Church of St. George in Horni Branna. It was made in 1499, bearing a Czech inscription which says “This bell was cast A.D. 1499 for the Almighty and St. George”. It has a weight of 260 kg and a diameter of 73.5 cm. It was inspected by an expert on 16 August 1983 who mentioned that the bell was “very valuable with high quality acoustic propagation” and did not allow the installation of an electric actuation system. Instead, the expert suggested reforging the clapper, reinforcing the suspension and pull ropes, and using cylinder bearings.