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Eliska Viewing Tower at Stachelberg Fort

Eliska Viewing Tower at Stachelberg Fort
Věž radnice Rokytnice nad Jizerou Hodinový stroj
Horní Rokytnice 197, 51244 Rokytnice nad Jizerou
Phone: (00420) 481 522 001
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Rokytnice nad Jizerou town hall viewing tower The Rokytnice nad Jizerou town hall was constructed in 1902-1903 by local builder Josef Hájek following the plans of architects Viktor Kraus and Kleofas Hollmann of Vrchlabí. This is a modern building typical of the German-speaking region of Bohemia in the early 20th century. With its generous architectural design containing a variety of artistic and craftsmanship features, the magnificent structure has represented the power and wealth of the region, which has flourished thanks to large scale industrial growth.   The foundation stone was laid on April 12, 1902, and in the autumn of 1902 the roof was attached to the 37-metre high tower. The following year, the brook’s water flow was regulated and covered up, and the town hall was officially opened on September 27, 1903. Now, 115 years following the ceremonial opening of the town hall buildings, residents and visitors to Rokytnice nad Jizerou are finally able to enter the town hall attic and climb the 88 stairs to the viewing balcony.   From the viewing balcony, there are stunning views of the Krkonoše ridges. The tower offers 360 degree views through windows on all four sides. Access to the attic and tower is through the side entrance of the town hall at the municipal information centre. Entrance to the tower is through a turnstile on the access platform in the attic. For safety reasons, the number of people admitted at any one time is limited. Admission to the tower can be paid at the municipal information centre. Entry with a citizen card or with a guest card Rokytnice PLUS is free, and the entrance token can be collected at the information centre on the town hall ground floor.

Opening hours:
Návštěva vyhlídkové věže
PO–PÁ     9:00–16:30
SO          9:00–13:00 (červenec, srpen do 15:00)
NE          zavřeno