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Snezne jamy

Snezne jamy
Sněžné jámy Sněžné jámy 2
Szlak pieszy czewony, 58-573 Piechowice, 58-573 Piechowice
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Snezne jamy are two deep corries - Mala Snezna jama and Velka Snezna jama, both found on the Polish side of the Krkonose. In Velka Snezna jama, two smaller cirque lakes can be seen from the Czech-Polish friendship path. In Mala Snezna jama, which lies more to the west, rare plant species occur that are linked with the basalt dike that reaches up to 1425 m a.s.l. Between the corries, Wavel chalet is a landmark that can be seen from a distance.