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Church of St. George

Church of St. George
Kostel sv. Jiří
Masarykovo náměstí 140, 514 01 Jilemnice
Phone: +420 481 541 008
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The Valdstejn family had a wooden church built in the middle of the village in 1398, which was destroyed in the Hussite wars in the 15th century. George of Valdstejn, governor of the village in 1490, had another church built. It was a stone building with a bell tower. Reconstruction of the church began in 1857 and the cornerstone of today’s church was laid on 21 September 1857. The new church was consecrated on 2 October 1860. Inside the church, on the right-hand wall, there is a white marble tablet with four children and the Crucifixion, with a Czech inscription saying “In 1597, before this altar, the dead bodies of the sons and daughters of Mr. Johann Bledina, an official of the Stepanice demesne, quietly await the arrival of the Lord”. On the outer walls there were two sandstone tombstones with only scarcely visible inscriptions: “I know that my Redeemer lives, and that on the last day I shall rise from the earth; and again, I shall be enveloped by my skin, and in my flesh shall I see my God. Whom I myself shall see, and my eyes shall behold, and not another - this, my hope, is laid up in my bosom. This corpse has rested in God (the next passage is illegible).” The second tombstone inscription reads: “A.D. 1606, on the 26th day of April, the highborn Jan Bledina died (followed by an illegible passage)”. The latest church repair was carried out in 1969-1970