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Emperor Joseph II Monument

Emperor Joseph II Monument
Pomník císaře Josefa II. Pomník císaře Josefa II. - Hostinné
Náměstí 69, 543 71 Hostinné
Phone: (00420) 499 404 746
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The Emperor Joseph II Monument is located in an open area in front of the local grammar school and was unveiled on 24 June 1906. The town’s inhabitants wanted to express their respect for the important reforms of the Emperor during the Enlightenment Absolutism and to remember his three visits to Hostinne. It was built after a design by sculptor Jiri Leisek from Vienna and made of Carrara marble, with a base of granite from Bavena, Italy. In 1921 the monument was first covered up and then removed as it was a symbol of the vanished Habsburg Monarchy. It was hidden for decades in nearby Fort, from where it was moved back in 1999, repaired and reinstalled in its former site.