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Chapel of St. Michael – Konfiskaty

Chapel of St. Michael – Konfiskaty
Kaplička sv. Michala
Černý Důl 48, 543 44 Černý Důl
Phone: 00420 499 429 618
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The original building dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, but it was already a ruin in 1891. It was renewed in 2003 and dedicated to St. Michael. The interior furnishings include a mural with the motif of the Trial by Ordeal. Archangel Michael in the middle of the twelve apostles holds the scales as a traditional Christian symbol of the fight against evil, the saintly intercessor and mediator of human prayers and protector of the rightful. On the left, St. Peter is unlocking the door to paradise and on the right, the devil is welcoming sinners to hell. The fresco was made using the old technique of pigment painting in wet stucco, designed and realised by creative artist Kveta Krhankova and a team of conservators. A wooden relief of St. Michael by carver Petr Kysela is placed in the middle of the fresco.