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Cernohorske Peat Bogs

Cernohorske Peat Bogs
Rašeliniště Černohorské rašeliniště Černohorské rašeliniště2
nám. Míru 223, 543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: +420 499 421 474
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The Cernohorske peat bogs lie in a mountain pass between the Cerna hora and Svetla hora mountains, approx. 1 km from the cable car line from Janske Lazne to Cerna hora. As the greatest upland peat bogs of the Krkonossky National Park, they cover an area of 72 hectares. It is a site where many rare plants and animals occur, namely peat mosses, the Fewflower sedge, Mud sedge, Sheathed cottonsedge, Tufted bulrush, Caddis flies, Ground beetles, Viviparous lizard and the Black grouse. According to experts, these bogs are 6 thousand years old, and the peat layer is up to 2.5 m deep, making a volume of 420 thousand cu. m. This unique site in the Krkonose Mountains can be accessed via an educational trail.