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Albericke Quarries

Albericke Quarries
Temný Důl 46, 542 26 Horní Maršov
Phone: +420 499 874 298
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The Albericke quarries, today a preserved natural monument, supplied limestone and burnt lime in the 19th century. An old lime kiln, in which a museum was opened recently, can be seen in Horni Alberice near the road to Lysecinska chalet. The quarries are home to many rare calcareous plants and animal species, and the remains of a lime factory with a small underground karst have been preserved here. The abandoned Bischof quarry is quite deep, with the temperature reaching around 7°C even in hot summers. The end of the quarry is an entrance to Albericka Cave, a karst cave containing a large underground lake with a depth of approx. 15 m. Krakonosova Cave, located closer to the Polish border, is of approximately the same length. It is open daily from 8.30 am to 6 p.m. Please check the opening hours in the news section.

Opening hours:
Otevřeno je denně od 8.30 - 18.00.
Případné omezení provozu je uvedeno v aktualitách.