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Krkonose Museum Jilemnice

Krkonose Museum Jilemnice
Krkonošské muzeum Exponát - betlém
Zámek 75, 514 01 Jilemnice
Phone: +420 481 543 041
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The museum has used the former palace of the Counts of Harrach since 1953. The major role in building up the museum collections was held by that of the former director of the Jilemnice girls’ schools, Jachym Metelka (1853-1940). The origins of today’s three exhibition blocks date back to 1929. The concept of local ethnography, skiing and a gallery could be fully developed no earlier than when the museum moved to the palace. Its collections focus on the history and ethnography of the western Krkonose, the origins and history of Czech skiing, while the gallery mostly focuses on the work of Frantisek Kavan (1866-1941), the renowned local painter. The museum has been operated by the Krkonossky National Park Administration since 1979. It can be found in the palace surrounded by the park, near the church, some 150m from the main square. Car parking is possible outside the park. Opening hours: All-year-round: Tuesday-Sunday 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm, in July and August to 5pm. The complete tour takes around 70-90 minutes. There may be up to 45 people in one group, and except on the premises with the mechanical nativity scene visitors may walk freely without the guide. Admission: 80 CZK and 40 CZK.