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Žacléř - Pod zahradami Radnice Žacléř Rýchorské náměstí Rýchorské náměstí Žacléř Žacléř - historické jádro Žacléř v zimě
Rýchorské náměstí 181, 542 01 Žacléř
Phone: +420 499 739 211

Above the sea level of 604 m lies below the Žacléř ridge, lies a small town called Žacléř, the eastern gate of the Giant Mountains. Already in the Middle Ages a castle which guarded the merchant way stood above the town. Throughout the centuries, the castle was destroyed several times and restored again, and eventually rebuilt into a chateau. Now this chateau is a private property. The small town under the chateau was thriving, its historic centre stayed preserved. In 2003 it was declared as a monumental zone. On the Rýchorské náměstí ("the Rýchory Square"), you will notice outstanding works by J. F. Pacák. In 1725 he made the Marian column in baroque style and the same artist is the author of the figuration of the altar in the Church of Holy Trinity. Also some other houses, including the classicist buildings of the Town hall remind of the past. In the local cemetery there is a tomb of a poet Josef Jarosch and a memorial of tortured prisoners from the period of the Second World War. An exposition of the Town museum Žacléř, Tourist information centre and a Post office are situated in the building of a former district court. A physiotherapy centre called Rehamedica was constructed near the church. This modern institution treats patients with illneses of locomotive organs and also offers wellness stays. Visitors can use the town library and a sauna which are situated at the housing estate Pilíř.