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Kunčice nad Labem

Kunčice nad Labem
Kunčice nad Labem Kunčice nad Labem Kunčice nad Labem - kaple Kunčice nad Labem - starý pohled
Kunčice nad Labem 121, 543 61 Kunčice nad Labem
Phone: +420 499 431 155
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The village lies at the foothills of the Krkonoše mountains in a valley along the River Labe, surrounded by the far-stretching forest slopes of the valley. Above the River Labe, which is the natural dividing line with the neighbouring village of Horní Kalná, is a very old road dating back to the 12th century at an altitude of approx. 460 m a.s.l. The beginnings of the village are connected to the Benedictine monastery called the Vrchlabí Provostship, established in the mid-13th century. The village's name is probably derived from Queen Kunigunda, the patron of the Provostship. The Chapel of the Virgin Mary, originally a brick Classicist building from 1847, is the most important historical sight in the village.