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Kořenov 480, 468 49 Kořenov
Phone: +420 483 399 035

Kořenov was established, in administrative terms, in 1960 by joining parts of the independent villages of Polubný and Příchovice with the settlements of Rejdice and Jizerka, then a part of Bílý potok. The new name was taken after one of the parts of Polubný. The locals used to make a living in mining, timber production, home clothmaking and spinning. Today the village depends largely on tourism. The Štěpánka viewing tower at an altitude of 958 m a.s.l. and the Bukovec mountain near Jizerka, 1005 m a.s.l., are local landmarks. The rack railway track Tanvald - Kořenov - Harrachov is a popular tourist attraction of the region.