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Náměstí Hostinné Radnice Hostinné Rehabilitační ústav Hostinné
Náměstí 69, 543 71 Hostinné
Phone: +420 499 441 333
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Hostinné is one of the oldest towns at the foot of the Krkonoše, the highest Czech mountains. It was founded during the reign of Czech King Přemysl Otakar II. in connection with the colonisation of the upper course of the River Labe. This can be seen in the oval shape of the town’s borderline, where a regular square-shaped main square was connected by two parallel streets on opposite sides, running west to east. The main square is dominated by the Renaissance town hall with monumental statues of giants, mentioned in several legends. In the first weekend of August, a fete called Porcinkule is held in the town. On this occasion, the giants come alive at midnight to speak to the town’s citizens and visitors. The Gallery of Antiquity Art, with rare castings of Antiquity sculptures, is situated in a monastery in an early Baroque church built in 1743-1745. What makes the collection yet more valuable is the fact that some original sculptures, whose restorations can be seen here, have been destroyed or lost. In autumn visitors and citizens enjoy the Autumn Fair of Crafts on the main square.