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Horní Maršov

Horní Maršov
Horní Maršov titulní Horní Maršov - roubenky Horní Maršov Horní Maršov - kostel Albeřice Albeřice 2 Horní Maršov - roubenky 2 Horní Maršov - roubenky 3 Horní Maršov město Horní Maršov most Horní Maršov kaplička Horní Maršov sloup Horní Maršov 2 Horní Maršov kostel Horní Maršov 3 Horní Maršov - starý kostel Horní Maršov - Vánoce Horní Maršov - zima
Bertholdovo náměstí 102, 542 26 Horní Maršov
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The first records on the village date back to 1466. It expanded the most in the 16th century, when timber was produced here for the Kutná Hora mines. Among the historical sights in the village are a cemetery church with originally a Baroque parish building, a 400-year-old linden tree, a Baroque statue of St John of Nepomuk, the tomb of the Aichelburg family and many interesting tombstones, altogether an important historical complex. Other landmarks of the village include the parish Church of the Ascension, built by a renowned Czech architect, Josef Schulz, in the Neo-Gothic style in 1895-1899. In the second weekend in August the village celebrates a fete with a rich programme on the occasion of the Ascension. The former Dixova timber sanding plant and the stone warehouse for the flax mill in the village part called Temný Důl are important architectural monuments. At the foot of Stará hora hill, in the village bearing the same name, there is a collection of rural timbered houses, Stations of the Cross with a chapel of St Anne dating back to 1752 and an important sight, a forest fort called Aichelburg, now restored. The Veselý výlet gallery in Temný Důl will offer you the keys to the fort.