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Horní Kalná

Horní Kalná
Horní Kalná
Horní Kalná 122, 543 71 Hostinné
Phone: +420 499 431 101
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Horní Kalná and Dolní Kalná are two villages south of Vrchlabí that stretch along the Kalenský brook for more than 6 km to its confluence with the Čistá brook. Originally one village, they were divided into two parts for the first time in 1849 during the reign of Count Karel Rohan and for the second time in 1990. Many landlords governed the village over the centuries, among them King George of Poděbrady, the Valdštejn family, Jan of Morzin and Count Karl Rohan. Many interesting religious monuments have been preserved in the village, such as chapels, wayside shrines, statues of holy patrons, bell columns and a monument to the victims of World War One.