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Dolní Lánov

Dolní Lánov
Trutnov náměstí Trutnov - náměstí Trutnov - kostel Trutnov - muzeum Trutnov - galerie Trutnov - pivovar
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The town of Trutnov in the Krkonoše Mountains is located on the Úpa River. The first written mention of it dates back to 1260. The old town centre is protected as a historic monument area. In the Upper Old Town the settlement of Úpa was moved into the area of today's Trutnov, probably due to recurring floods. Úpa acquired the rights to market and to brew beer. According to one legend the city was founded by the Lord of Trautenberg and according to another by the knight Trut, who defeated the local dragon. To commemorate the legend every May there is a dragon festival in the town. The town regularly hosts the Trutnov Open Air Music Festival, the Trutnov Autumn Chamber Music Festival and Jazzinec.